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About Genemex:

Our team began in 1995 to carry out Cogeneration projects in Spain, following the approval of the first Decree for the development of renewable energies and high-energy technologies; where the ceramic sector played an important role; realizing its first ceramic facilities in Vidal Beneyto SL. Subsequently, after the liberalization of the electricity sector in 1994, the Genemex equipment began to develop the first patented equipment Otto-Rane to realize electric generation plants from Biomass; where it came to execute a combined cycle of 9 MW in 2004 for the company Finaltair. In 2010 Genemex developed the first Trigeneration power plant of a Data Center TIER IV in Castellón for the company Tissat. Then, between the years 2013 and 2016, Genemex has developed Biomass projects in Morocco for ceramic sectional companies such as SBBC. Genemex is currently opening up a market in the Cogeneration sector in Iran. And, the future of Genemex focuses on the development of disconnection from the network through Natural Gas with Cogeneration.